Exciting News!!!!!!!

I am going to NURSING SCHOOL!

I have been waiting to share this exciting news! I am officially going to Nursing School!!! I have always wanted to be a nurse but the life choices I have made I didn’t ending going that route due to myself confidence. I am definitely nervous and hope I can make it through the long hours of studying and preparing myself for the real world. I don’t ever share this on my Instagram but my dad had a heart attacked and after seeing that and feeling my whole world shift I finally realized I need to be a nurse. I start school August 28th which I will be in school for 2-3 years to receive my ASN then after that I am going to get my BSN so then I can be either a Cardiac Nurse, ICU Nurse, or Trauma Nurse. Those are my top 3 I am interested in. I have been watching tons of Youtube videos and trying to get myself ready. I even bought a new printer and tons of school supplies.. ( Embarrassing but I even went to my school and bought a sweatshirt haha) I know, I know but I just had to get into the spirit of going back. I have been setting up the office and getting that all set for me to get write to all my essays I’ll be writing. I recently bought a new printer that has a scanner which I bought from Amazon. If you are on a budget for school there are tons of ways to find what you need. (1) .99 cent store or your local dollar store- Which has amazing deals so stock up! Only down fall if you need lined paper they sell lower amounts so you will have to buy more of each item but at .99 cents why not?!? (2) If you look in your local paper or online Target or Walmart has some amazing prices and when you download Cartwheel app (which only works for Target) you can save even more. (3) I am crazy for Amazon! I don’t have a lot of time to go to a store and shop since I am also working a lot too. I know a lot of people are against them right now but for me it helps a lot! I defiantly want to be comfortable for school I am not there to impress anyone so I bought some comfy clothes like leggings t-shirts sweaters ect. I also bought myself a nice water bottle so it stays cold all day while I’m at school have to make sure that I am staying hydrated! I don’t want to keep on with my blabbering about how excited I am, but one last thing. I was wondering if I should start a Youtube channel for my nursing journey since when I was on there I didn’t see a whole lot of these videos. Leave a comment letting me know what you think! Have a amazing Saturday!