Daily Makeup Routine

I get a lot of questions on what I use for my daily makeup. It has taken years to figure out what works best for me. I am really happy with what I have been using and have no complaints. It is all about asking questions and knowing how your face condition is and what you want to achieve. Below I have attached to each section where I bough these products. I am going to ahead of time apologize for the long post! If you have any questions please comment. Xo

#1 Lorac Contour

I really like this contour kit it is a powder and not a paste so for me it doesn’t clog my pores. I taught myself have to contour with youtube videos it truly is the simplest thing to do. My only complain with this product is the powder is very messy and I feel like it waste a lot of it. I bought mine online at Nordstrom.

#2 Marc Jacobs Foundation

I am crazy for this foundation it is truly heaven sent. I my last blog post I talk a lot more about this product so I won’t talk to much on this except to say if you need all over coverage that last all day and doesn’t clog your pores and doesn’t break you out this product is for you. They do make one for people that don’t have sensitive skin.

#3 Bright Future Color Corrector Under Eye (Promotes Brightness)

I recently purchased this at Sephora when I asked a makeup artist there what they suggest would be best to go with It Cosmetics ByeBye Under Eye. I am a makeup artist as well so when ever I learn something new I just have to try it. I can say by far this is brilliant. I use the It Cosmetic ByeBye Under eye after this which I will post where I got it in a few mins. This color corrector is amazing with the pink tint helps cover the darkness that comes through with foundation. I have to say I am happy I don’t look so tired.

#4 It Cosmetics Brow Power Eyebrow Pencil

This has been one of the most asked questions I get “Wow your brows look amazing what do you do?” Well here is the secret! I am so happy with product and the funniest part is I didn’t buy it I receive it in my Ipsy bag a year ago! I love It Cosmetics so much their products are very good quality. I love how I can use this product and it doesn’t smear off and last all day.

#5 Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

I had no idea about this product until a few months ago. I love how it locks in my foundation and helps it stay all day long with out it getting oily! I always use this after my foundation and let it set for 3 mins and while I wait I do my eyebrows.

#6  Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

I have gone through a few eyeshadows but never found a simple matte eyeshadow. I love more of a smokey eye so when this palette came out I was the first to jump on board. They do have a few that aren’t matte in this palette but I use those ones for a night time look. My first indication that I would love this eyeshadow was the pigmentation. A lot of eyeshadows don’t hold on your eyelids all day and with me being a hairdresser also I need my makeup look to stay all day. I always test the eyeshadow on my had to see if I rub it does it just disappear or does it slowly fade away. Hands down I love Urban Decay Eyeshadows definitely worth the price!

#7 Bobbie Brown Camel Eyeshadow

A long with #6 I love this eyeshadow as well it gives such a natural look with the smokey eye and blends amazing. I sometimes just wear this eyeshadow and do a liquid eyeliner for a even more classy look. In the mornings sometimes I need quick and fast and this eyeshadow is another top favorite. It will be hard for me to switch to another brand if Bobbie Brown ever stops selling this color!!! (aka I would cry)

#8 Sephora Bright Future Color Correctors (Neutralizes Redness)

I have sometimes some red spots or ache flare ups so I use this product to help reduce the redness. I put it on first then after my eyeshadow is on I use my foundation and just use my Beauty Blender to apply.

#9 Too Faced Flush Long Lasting 16 Hour Blush

I dont have much to say about this product except I love it adding a little color to my cheeks they have several colors depending on what you like brightness wise. It does last 16 hours like it says which is nice. I love the heart shaped of it too!

#10 Revlon Ultimate All in One Mascara

If you are looking for a more a mascara that doesn’t make your lashes look like you have false lashes but still stand out this one is for you! I go between this one and the Too Faced Better Then Sex Mascara I sometimes like my lashes to look more extravagant so thats when I would use that one. All depends on the occasion. Also they are very different in price the Revlon is just $8.99 at your local drug store & Too Faced one is $23.00.

#11 It Cosmetic Bye Bye Under Eye

I love this under eye concealer that I use with #3 listed above. I apply this on top of that one to hide my under eye dark circles. What I also like this has a anti-aging that hides wrinkles and doesn’t crease! Which helps with getting older. I hear a lot of people complain about their dark circles and I am telling you this works wonders!!!

#12 Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eyeliner

I have been through too many eyeliners!!! I do not like how they always smear and end up under my eye. If you have this issue look no further! This eyeliner is no joke and doesn’t come off which for me and maybe not everyone I like. I always disliked looking in the mirror with raccoon eyes how embarrassed I used to feel when out or with my hair clients. I highly suggest this for everyone.



Foundation Review

I wanted to go over these foundations with you all. I honestly have been through a lot trying to find the right one and have spent a lot of money too. Here are a few of the ones I’ve tried and what I feel about them.

#1 Tarte

I love Tarte Cosmetics I love what they stand by with all natural I used this foundation for a year. I started noticing that the coverage wasn’t there for me and doesn’t last longer then a few hours and you can start seeing your blemishes. My skin and since I have sensitive skin and ache scars I need coverage badly!! I also noticed after having it for longer then 2 month the pigment changed and didn’t match my skin tone anymore. Besides that it didn’t break me out which is very important to me. I haven’t tried to get a shade lighter to see when it does change pigment if it would be my color. This foundation is my #3 go to.

#2 Lancome 

This one really was difficult for me but I have heard a lot of people like this one. For me this one is my #4 go to since the coverage isn’t there and doesn’t last all day long like I need but besides that it didn’t break out my skin or change pigment. If you don’t have ache scares and want a foundation thats more for natural look this one is for you.

#3 Marc Jacobs 

Here is my newest and favorite foundation EVER!!! I love everything about this product the coverage is amazing and hides everything and with my ache scares it is a must! Also I love that it doesn’t change pigment over the hours & also the coverage last all day long until you wash off. Which I notice when I was my face at the end of the day that I really have to scrub my face more then normal to get it off. This as you can already tell is my #1 go to!

#4 Estee Lauder

This foundation is amazing and has great coverage and doesn’t break my skin out. I was so excited when  I first got this and used it for long time with the purchase of my 2nd bottle I started noticing the pigment changed on my skin after a hour of being on and I got the same color I got the first time. I was really sad cause I thought I had found the one foundation hence me finding #3. I honestly don’t know why it changes I have asked other who use it and they say the same thing. Besides that I love it!

I hope all this info helps you out. I know when I was looking for a good foundation I went to blogs and asked around but I could never find the right info. If you have any questions feel free comment below so I can help answer any of your questions!


My Spring Wish List!!

I thought I would go over my wish list for this spring! I have ordered a few of these items and placing more orders soon and will share with you if I find any other cute Spring 17 outfits!

#1 Soprano Lace Up Dress 

I am honestly in love with with dress and it is under $40!! I got it in the mail a few weeks ago and shared in on my snapchat. It is true to size I got a Medium. I do suggest getting the this bra to wear with it. I love the feeling of loose dress that are easy to dress up or dress down. Recently I have been seeing a lot of bell sleeve dresses also like this one !

#2 Pebbles Wrap Flatform Espadrille Sandals

I will say I am pretty excited to receive these in the mail next week!! I have been obsessed with espadrilles since I got my Marc Fisher’s!  I love the way they look with skinny jeans like these & also are great with the dress I posted #1

#3 Le Specs ‘Rapture’ Bat Wing Sunglasses

These beautiful sunglasses are a must on my wish list for this spring I wish they made more colors I also have my eye on these cute pink ones. We do a lot in the summer with friends and family. We especially love going to the Laughlin with my boyfriends family so we always stay here. So with all the fun in the sun I always get a few different shades to go with my outfits.

#4 Kenneth Jay Lane Seed Bead Hoop Earrings 

These are a must must have for this spring and summer. Sometimes it is hard to add accessories to my outfits I am not big on having tons on I like to have one or two statement pieces and these are perfect for that! I like these even with a white t-shirt and jeans.

#5 Sonix Saguaro Cactus Iphone Case

So, I just might have a obsession with everything Cactus! I think they are so unique and fun and when they came out as the number one theme icon last summer I was excited. I don’t want you all thinking that I have cactus all over my house I don’t but I would love to have a few decor staples or some of them in my yard. Enough of me blabbering.. I always like to have fun phone cases to change around but I always seem to get the kind that just fall apart of the images on the bag just fade away so when I found this company who makes quality cases I was up to pay the price!

#6 Elina Linardaki Penny Lane Lace Up Sandals 

Look how fun these sandals are! I saw these last spring and went crazy over them but decided to wait until now! I love these to go with jean shorts, my swimsuit coverup or even just a simple dress! Then I stubbled upon a dupe of these which are very simular. I know how hard it is to try to keep up with fashion or when you see something you really want and you can’t afford it cause you have other priorities that come before a pair of shoes! When I ever see a dupe I will definitely share for those who are on a tight budget.

#7 Misa Pom Pom Dress

I like dressing up with fun colors for spring/summer and since we are almost out of winter I am ready for colors! In California we had some crazy storms so it was all about bundling up. I don’t know about you but when it’s cold outside I tend to dress in the darker shades. I have been on the hunt for a sundress like this and I’m glad I found it. The only sad thing is they sell out fast so here is a similar one and then this one.

I would love to hear from you all about what your doing for this Spring/Summer and what items are on your wish list!


Bare with Me

Here it is my first blog post! I know eventually you all will be reading this. I am trying my best to learn how to use word press and get around what to add to my site and what not to add so please bare with me as I go through this process. I was inspired by Emily Gemma, Katey Mcfarlan and a few other fashion beauty bloggers to start sharing my side. I have lots to learn trust me but so did they in the beginning. So here we go on this new journey together!