Foundation Review

I wanted to go over these foundations with you all. I honestly have been through a lot trying to find the right one and have spent a lot of money too. Here are a few of the ones I’ve tried and what I feel about them.

#1 Tarte

I love Tarte Cosmetics I love what they stand by with all natural I used this foundation for a year. I started noticing that the coverage wasn’t there for me and doesn’t last longer then a few hours and you can start seeing your blemishes. My skin and since I have sensitive skin and ache scars I need coverage badly!! I also noticed after having it for longer then 2 month the pigment changed and didn’t match my skin tone anymore. Besides that it didn’t break me out which is very important to me. I haven’t tried to get a shade lighter to see when it does change pigment if it would be my color. This foundation is my #3 go to.

#2 Lancome 

This one really was difficult for me but I have heard a lot of people like this one. For me this one is my #4 go to since the coverage isn’t there and doesn’t last all day long like I need but besides that it didn’t break out my skin or change pigment. If you don’t have ache scares and want a foundation thats more for natural look this one is for you.

#3 Marc Jacobs 

Here is my newest and favorite foundation EVER!!! I love everything about this product the coverage is amazing and hides everything and with my ache scares it is a must! Also I love that it doesn’t change pigment over the hours & also the coverage last all day long until you wash off. Which I notice when I was my face at the end of the day that I really have to scrub my face more then normal to get it off. This as you can already tell is my #1 go to!

#4 Estee Lauder

This foundation is amazing and has great coverage and doesn’t break my skin out. I was so excited when  I first got this and used it for long time with the purchase of my 2nd bottle I started noticing the pigment changed on my skin after a hour of being on and I got the same color I got the first time. I was really sad cause I thought I had found the one foundation hence me finding #3. I honestly don’t know why it changes I have asked other who use it and they say the same thing. Besides that I love it!

I hope all this info helps you out. I know when I was looking for a good foundation I went to blogs and asked around but I could never find the right info. If you have any questions feel free comment below so I can help answer any of your questions!


Bare with Me

Here it is my first blog post! I know eventually you all will be reading this. I am trying my best to learn how to use word press and get around what to add to my site and what not to add so please bare with me as I go through this process. I was inspired by Emily Gemma, Katey Mcfarlan and a few other fashion beauty bloggers to start sharing my side. I have lots to learn trust me but so did they in the beginning. So here we go on this new journey together!