Exciting News!!!!!!!

I am going to NURSING SCHOOL!

I have been waiting to share this exciting news! I am officially going to Nursing School!!! I have always wanted to be a nurse but the life choices I have made I didn’t ending going that route due to myself confidence. I am definitely nervous and hope I can make it through the long hours of studying and preparing myself for the real world. I don’t ever share this on my Instagram but my dad had a heart attacked and after seeing that and feeling my whole world shift I finally realized I need to be a nurse. I start school August 28th which I will be in school for 2-3 years to receive my ASN then after that I am going to get my BSN so then I can be either a Cardiac Nurse, ICU Nurse, or Trauma Nurse. Those are my top 3 I am interested in. I have been watching tons of Youtube videos and trying to get myself ready. I even bought a new printer and tons of school supplies.. ( Embarrassing but I even went to my school and bought a sweatshirt haha) I know, I know but I just had to get into the spirit of going back. I have been setting up the office and getting that all set for me to get write to all my essays I’ll be writing. I recently bought a new printer that has a scanner which I bought from Amazon. If you are on a budget for school there are tons of ways to find what you need. (1) .99 cent store or your local dollar store- Which has amazing deals so stock up! Only down fall if you need lined paper they sell lower amounts so you will have to buy more of each item but at .99 cents why not?!? (2) If you look in your local paper or online Target or Walmart has some amazing prices and when you download Cartwheel app (which only works for Target) you can save even more. (3) I am crazy for Amazon! I don’t have a lot of time to go to a store and shop since I am also working a lot too. I know a lot of people are against them right now but for me it helps a lot! I defiantly want to be comfortable for school I am not there to impress anyone so I bought some comfy clothes like leggings t-shirts sweaters ect. I also bought myself a nice water bottle so it stays cold all day while I’m at school have to make sure that I am staying hydrated! I don’t want to keep on with my blabbering about how excited I am, but one last thing. I was wondering if I should start a Youtube channel for my nursing journey since when I was on there I didn’t see a whole lot of these videos. Leave a comment letting me know what you think! Have a amazing Saturday!

Our Summer Trip!

I will start by saying sorry ahead of time cause this will be a bit of a long post since our summer vacation was 2 weeks! Our first destination was Laughlin, Nevada. We stayed at the Avi Casino Resort and surprisingly we got upgraded to a SUITE! It was amazing with a jacuzzi tub and a big room ( don’t get me wrong it wasn’t like the Ritz! but defiantly still nice) below are some photos of our fun adventures there. (scroll down)


Next on our adventure… About a hour south is our 2nd home!

Lake Havasu, Arizona!!! Which let me tell you is breath taking!! If you have never been you must, must go! We rent a mobile home on the island by “London Bridge” < that’s a long story to explain, but where we stay is called Crazy Horse Campground & it’s right on the water! Each morning you wake up to the Lake all glassy and just breath taking. Our friend came with us with his jet skis so we went exploring! (scroll down to see photos)

After this amazing place that we didn’t want to leave. We sadly headed home for one night & then we were up again to head up toward Fresno, CA  and head to Bass Lake! We stayed at the The Lodge there and it’s the only nice hotel with a market, restaurants ect. Which was definitely fun staying in a log cabin and the view was amazing with the Bald Eagles and all the pine trees. I definitely didn’t like how crowed it was for the 4th of July weekend I would recommend going when it is not a holiday due to so many people being on the water who don’t know how to jet ski or drive a boat. Thank god our friends brought their friend who was experience and kept us away from all the crazy drives. (Scroll down)

I hope you all enjoyed seeing how much fun we had! I hope some of you want to travel to see these places definitely worth it! Please let me know if you have any questions about our trips we would love to answer them for you!


New Blogger- Tips and Tricks

Hey there! I wanted to share with you all what it is like to be a new blogger with the ups and downs. I started blogging when I was doing one of my hair clients hair I was telling her all about the newest this and that and she stopped me and said you know you should start blogging everything you’re telling me then she went on to tell me she is in school for PR and knew a lot about it already from assisting. I told her no way could I do that & what would I even say?!? Well after some long nights thinking and debating I decided to make this website (so here I am) I still have lots to learn about Instagram, photos & how to reach out and be “seen” as they call it. I was getting really frustrated when I started with my followers going up and down or photos not coming out right. The worst part is having the time to sit down and write to you all and share with you my ideas. I am starting to get the hang of it but now it’s keeping up with the new and latest. Which gets me to this point of my blog and since I haven’t been noticed yet I don’t get paid to wear clothes or try on makeup ect (no PR packages on my doorstep like I said before yet lol) I have to buy everything myself. I posted a few of my favorite stores and then one of the Apps I shop out too, so I can get the most for my money while trying to still share with you my fashion sense.

For makeup and such I always look at Ulta & Sephora but sometimes the items are I want are to pricey so I go the App Poshmark which has clothes makeup you name it on there at a reasonable price sometimes used which I don’t get but read the description!!! But honestly even designer clothing is on there for half the cost and helps when your trying to keep up with the fashion! For the rest of my clothes Tjmaxx is where I do a lot of my clothes & home shopping. Everytime I go I find designer or look a like items that are way more at a department store like Nordstrom… Now me saying that… I LOVE LOVE Nordy’s (as I call it) no complaints definitely worth every penny but sometimes with my daily life and bills since I do rent at the Phenix Suites & do hair I have a lot I have to pay for. (Just being honest) But when I can go there believe me I am there in a heartbeat! I am really happy they made Nordstrom Rack so I don’t feel as bad (As I try to convince myself) To wrap this up if you are a new blogger or a girl who just wants to keep up with fashion remember you don’t always have to spend so much to look fabulous! If you have a question please comment or DM me on Instagram!

Happy Friday!!!!!

Summer Shopping List

I have been going crazy about summer being here due to us going on our annual vacation to the river ! The best part of this summer is we extended our trip to not just Laughlin but also to Lake Havasu. I am pretty excited about it hence me shopping for summer staples for everything summer. Here are a few things I picked up or bought online. Some times are no longer in stock so I will show similar items for you all.

Romwe-Brown Square Toe Hollow Out Wedges On Sale under $40 

My only problem with these is I still haven’t received them and shipping is super slow says should be here this week so you know it I’ll be posting when they come in the mail

Urban Expressions I bought this bag and now they are out of stock so sorry that I can’t show you the one I bought but I linked another one I like as well. My favorite thing is some bags come with another bag inside to help organize everything for your daily life and under $100

Quay- x Desi Perkins ‘High Key’ 62mm Aviator Sunglasses

These sunglasses are amazing and personally worth every penny! The look they give you with a chic look and they go with every outfit. Definitely have amazing UV protection and have this amazing reflectors so no one can see where you are look. These are $60

J.O.A.-Poplin Tie Front Top 

This top is so much fun to dress up or dress down! Super comfy & light weight and under $70. This top will go with my Romwe shoes listed above with some straight leg jeans I have.

Mink Pink-Excessive Top 

I bought a similar top of course they are sold out of the one I bought so its hard for me to show you where to get but I did share it on snap chat. Here is another one I liked for you all. I love this company great quality of clothes and for me they never fall apart which is a must for me. Price range for most items is under $100

STS Blue-Frayed Hem Denim Shorts

I am OBBESSED with these frayed shorts so fun for this summer throw with a plain t-shirt or a little but more of a fancy top and a beach hat I only paid $50 for these and they fit true to size.


Sleepless Nights




I wanted to post this due to my experience with sleep. I tend to not sleep very much I think I have insomnia or “racing brain” It is very hard when I have such a busy schedule or many things I have on my To Do list that overwhelm me before I go to sleep. I figured out a few things that work for me and others that don’t. I would definitely say, turning your phone before bed is key. Everyone knows me though I am on my phone looking for my next blog post or responding to my Instagram. As you know I also have my own business as a hair stylist & work at a medspa so I have a lot on my plate when I come home and responsibility. Here are also a few tips for what I do. I bought this tea to help me that I drink an hour before I go to sleep to relax my mind the best I can. It honestly helps but doesn’t fix it. Sometimes I’ll make a point at night to draw me a nice hot bath with my lavender bubble bath and bath salts I have a nice warm cup next to me while I just relax and listen to my Spotify on shuffle to Frank Sinatra. When I am finally ready for bed, I get my eye mask and my melatonin drink half of a cup of water (not to much or you’ll wake up in the middle of the night!!! YES I have tested this) Then I just relax my mind some more with going on now don’t laugh at me I am a pinterestholic!!!! I search for 20 mins for things I need like organizing tips, blogging posts, fashion ect My boyfriend has to watch tv to fall asleep and I don’t so it takes me a bit to fall asleep every night which can get frustrating at times when I can’t get my pillow just right. When I do wake up in the middle night from my racing brain I grab my planner or write down what is making my mind race so I can remember for the next day. To find out more about that check out my post before this to find out what I do. If you have serious issues with sleeping please consult a doctor I am not a professional just talking about my experience and what tends to work for me. Finding something that works for you will take time and a lot of sleepless nights, but don’t give up keep trying to find stuff that help you. This part is not a something that helps, but sleepwear that is comfortable really makes a difference for me like this one & this one. In closing if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment I love feedback!



Getting Everything Done!



I am so sorry to all of you who have been waiting for me to post a blog post! I have been extremely busy with work, house things, family things ect… I can tell you right now I need a extra extra large cup of coffee!! I don’t know if it’s just me but I am always tired now and feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done! For example I am typing this realizing I have dinner with my dad in a hour my hair is in a bun no makeup and in my sweats! What shall I do with myself? Anyways I have been looking online for some organizing ideas and asking other bloggers how they manage their time! Come to find out it’s all about to do list. So I am starting tonight writing everything down and post it noting it. I bought a daily planner like this one that has tons of space to write. Then organize by times of when I need to do this or that. Saying that made me even more tired. I take my daily vitamins but I pooped out by 6pm! I decided today I also want to eat more fruits and veggies since when I am on the go it can tend to me the nearest fast food. I also want to organize to do list in the house on our fridge with what I need to get done this week and also Kyle. Summer is around the corner which means a lot more stuff will be going on. I could totally fall asleep right now but no I must carry on (that was cheesy) I hear of so many women having kids and doing all this from the cooking and the cleaning I am just trying to do this for two people and a dog ! I need to meal plan for lunch and dinner I found this website and this website that were very helpful. I talked with Kyle today and told him we need to go to the gym more so that will be another things added to the list! I just want someone to help me get everything in order then I got it from there. If anyone has ideas please let me know. I am a Pinterestaholic so I am always searching on there for great ideas! Let’s talk about laundry why don’t we? Raise your hand if you hate doing laundry (ME) I can’t stand it I feel like I have a never ending basket and like I said before it’s only him and I makes no sense if I could hire someone to just do my laundry I defiantly would. Well since my time is up and I need to get ready for dinner I must go!


Affordable Decor




I love absolutely love designing new things for our home. As some of you know we are renting our first house in Huntington Beach, California but before we could move in it had to be remodeled due to the renters before had destroyed the house! The owners let us decide what we wanted the house to look like inside and out which is amazing only down fall they didn’t pay for everything… We pay a few low cost to live in this house and for the area they pay 3 times the amount we pay. I’ll stop rambling now. I went on a mission to look for some decor items I want to purchase for our living room since I haven’t done anything with this area.  All these decor items are location below !

Large Silver Collapsible Metal Decorative Sphere $12.99 – Decorating with certain pieces like this really bring fun creativity to your living space which if you like to host like we do then you know your living room is where everyone will want to sit and relax.

The Little Book Of Chanel $16.95 – I love these fun designer books that are nice to have on your table for decorations. I know there are many different kinds out there just have to look for them & some are more then others!

Baies Scented Candle $34.00 – $64 – I love love candles! let me tell you! I just love all the different scents and how it can really make what ever you room you have come to life. So many scents for any occasion hence why I love this brand! High Quaintly and last awhile!

Granite SM08 Mist Shades Rug $12.00 & UP (Depending on size) – Rugs are the most fun to get but hard to find that fit your type of living room or lay out you have. I really have look at so many stores ect… Then i came across RugsUSA and found so many options and prices for any price range or size.

Large White Cactus Flower Wall Decor $34.99 – I love fun wall art for different rooms! I always find those hard to find pieces at Hobby Lobby or AtHome. I always walk around and find all those awesome pieces for my walls.

Harper Blvd Adelie Mirrored Coffee/ Cocktail Table $251.99 – I know the top of this post it said affordable decor, but from experience don’t buy cheap coffee tables they all fall apart and look super cheap. Then you have to end up spending more money on the one you wanted in the first place. I know what it’s like to be on a budget but want what you want so if you can’t buy new, look for used or DIY with a used dresser and just look up idea on Pinterest.

Oversized Banana Leaf Throw Pillow $24.00 – Lately banana leaf print has been ideal for spring/summer clothing looks and housing decor! I think this look is so fun and refreshing and brings life to any room! Target definitely had plenty from me to choose from!

Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

I will begin this by saying I am not a professional and just someone who has been through a lot with my face so please talk to your Dermatologist before using these products to make sure they work best for you! I would hate for something not to work for your skin type. I go to Newport Beach Medspa (which I linked) for all my skin needs and to very honest ( No I am not getting paid to say this) I love how they care about your needs and wants and help you achieve that. If you live in Orange County I would highly recommend coming here and also seeing what other services they carry like Coolsculpting. I have struggled with ache and scars for years now and when I hit 25 my acne started to go away but now I am with dull skin and scars that are easy to see. I have a few tips I wanted to share with you so you can better take care of your skin and possibly not go through the long process I have been through. I am still learning new things to use for my delicate face, but when I find something that really works, just know I will share it with you. I know and understand what it’s like to not want photos taken of you or to feel like the ugly duckling. Please read along and please share your comments with me I would love to hear from you all!

#1 Obagi Foaming Gel : My face is very difficult and gets used to face cleaners every 4-6 weeks it can get rather annoying and frustrating. I bought this at the Newport Beach Medspa I referred above. If you are not from Orange County a lot of other Medspa’s or Demonologist carry this just call and ask. This product works great with getting all the oils, dirt & makeup off your face no complaints here defiantly worth the price they do have bigger kits that come with a lot more.

#2 PMD Mircodermabrasion : I am a licensed Cosmetologist so I will say this I have used the ones you use and have applied this treatment to myself and other clients faces before so if you really don’t read the directions and want to rush this product isn’t for you. I would say 18 years or older with out adult! Again I am not a professional just from personal experience. This does help with acne scars and has major suction and can damage your skin if you don’t do it right! Besides that I love this and see a difference it does bring out more dirt from your pores that are deep in there so I did experience some breakouts. I have used this ever 4 weeks on my face then apply a mask which I will list below my favorite one!

#3 Glam Glow ThirstyMud : I was so nervous to buy this product due to the price and decided to go to Sephora and get a sample to see how my face would react before investing and I LOVE IT! My face was so soft, even after one treatment it felt like a baby’s butt, no joke. I highly recommend all their products! I also use this one for when I have breakouts and its amazing!

#4 Origin’s Active Charcoal Mask : This is another one of my favorite masks for major breakouts and I have used this for years! I just like to rotate my products due to my face getting used to certain ingredients and not working to the fullest effect. If you are on a budget I would say buy Origin’s over Glam Glow but they are equally as good and love them both !

#5 Kiehl’s Line Reducing Eye Brightening Cream : I have dark circles under my eyes that make me look super tired or I got punched in the eyes which is not ok! I have been searching for a really good wrinkle reducing and eye brightening cream so I can also prevent wrinkles all in one! Which I heard about this from one of my other favorite bloggers, Emily Gemma and decided to try it! It works amazing and no complaints except I don’t like what it feels like on my face leaves my face feeling a little greasy that’s the only thing.

#6 Trader Joe’s Face Wash with Tea Tree : I linked Amazon website just in case you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you! I use this face wash in between number #1 that I listed above. When my face starts to break out more I grab this refreshing face wash to help get my face back to normal. It does have a weird odor but that’s just the tea tree. This is really good products for oily skin, & combination skin.

#7 Clinique All About Eyes : Been using this eye cream for a long time and really love the hydration it gives to under my eyes, especially when I travel this just brings my eyes back to life and doesn’t leave a greasy residue and leaves you feeling and looking refreshed!

#8 Cetaphil Daily Face Moisturizer : Every day it is very important to use moisturizer and for the longest time I couldn’t until I found this that doesn’t break me out! So many products and money down the drain! I love that this has SPF 50 so perfect for when you go out and not having to add more products to your face it’s all in one. I let it dry a little before starting my makeup application. You can find this at most of your local market and drug stores at a reasonable price!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!





Laguna Beach!!!

Kyle and I decided to head south on PCH and head to Laguna Beach for one day and enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean. Today the view was breath taking even for someone who was born and raised here I am still in love with California. We stopped by Nick’s Restaurant for lunch and oh my lord their fried devil eggs are to die as you sit inside or out on the patio looking at PCH. After our amazing lunch we stopped at another shop for a quick treat at La Rue Du Chocolate and seen in the photos above oh so good! I also got some treats to take to my grandma who just loves orange peels dipped in chocolate. When we want to go out of town or even a staycation we always look on Airbnb and have never been disappointed don’t get me wrong, I love to stay at a nice resort but sometimes I just like to be able to cook a meal and feel like I am at home. The view from where we were at was just beautiful I had to snap a few photos! Kyle couldn’t resit jumping in as well he is just the cutest! On another note about spring fashion I have been loving these cute dresses from the bell sleeves to the off the shoulder I want them all! I bought this dress at Nordstrom, but they no longer have the same exact one here is a similar one from the same brand Bobeau I love the color of this dress and the quality is nice and comfy. I am also in love with my Marc Fisher Espadrille Platform Wedge Sandals I bought here and I know everyone and their mother has these, but you have to check out all the different styles he carries like this one and this one. I also recently bought a new phone case and since you all know my obsession I bought this one! My necklace that I am in love with and cried when my dad gave me it for Valentine’s day is my Swarovski Kiss necklace I get so many compliments and questions on where did my dad purchase it so I found it for you all just go here. I have more exciting post coming up and lots of new reviews that will answer a lot of the questions I have been receiving!


It’s Almost Swimsuit Season

The one season we are so excited for but nervous to get into the dressing room and try one is almost here! I love different bathing suits for different occasion for example if I am going to be with family members or just friends at the river I want to have the options of changing if need be. I am really liking all these new styles that are out right now. This post I grabbed a few from Everything But Water site. They have been around for a really long time & get together with other great designers and sell them in their store like (Vitamin A, Vix, & L*Space) I am not working with them at all I just love what they sell. When I am buying my bathing suits I like to see what ones I can make into a outfit like the one piece I can put a cute skirt with it and be ready to go to dinner or go grab a glass of wine. Also I am curvy I have a bigger bottom then top so I always shop for my body type and Everything But Water really helps you find the perfect fit. Quick story I am so picky on the colors I get I had a bathing suit I thought looked amazing on me but when someone took a photo of me from a far OMGEEE I looked like a whale cause the color it was on my skin tone so just ask questions when buying and be honest with yourself. I also Tan before the summer comes just to get a nice golden base coat. Just Click on the photo to be connected to Everything But Water’s Website!  I hope you all had a great Monday! Kyle and I are about to go relax in bed and watch our favorite TV shows. We have been working had the last couple weeks so when it’s night time its our time to just get off our phones and social media and relax so on that note I am off to bed!!