About Me


Here’s a little about me and my life.

What City Do I Live in?

I live in Huntington Beach, California with my amazing boyfriend Kyle

Do you have any Pets?

Yes, We have a 2 year old Teacup Yorkshire Terrier her name is Chanel (Go Figure)

Is the blog the only thing you do?

No, I am a Licensed Cosmotologist and work at a Salon/Boutique in Huntington Beach. I am well rounded in what I do from Eyelash Extentions to Spray Tanning I do it all. If any of you want to learn more about what I do or what me to post a blog just let me know your interests you!

Why/How did you start your blog?

I wanted to start this blog simply because I talk with my clients at the salon about fashion/beauty products and they always tell me you should make a blog and since I already follow Emily Gemma & Katey Mcfarlan I thought if they can do it well so can I!