New Blogger- Tips and Tricks

Hey there! I wanted to share with you all what it is like to be a new blogger with the ups and downs. I started blogging when I was doing one of my hair clients hair I was telling her all about the newest this and that and she stopped me and said you know you should start blogging everything you’re telling me then she went on to tell me she is in school for PR and knew a lot about it already from assisting. I told her no way could I do that & what would I even say?!? Well after some long nights thinking and debating I decided to make this website (so here I am) I still have lots to learn about Instagram, photos & how to reach out and be “seen” as they call it. I was getting really frustrated when I started with my followers going up and down or photos not coming out right. The worst part is having the time to sit down and write to you all and share with you my ideas. I am starting to get the hang of it but now it’s keeping up with the new and latest. Which gets me to this point of my blog and since I haven’t been noticed yet I don’t get paid to wear clothes or try on makeup ect (no PR packages on my doorstep like I said before yet lol) I have to buy everything myself. I posted a few of my favorite stores and then one of the Apps I shop out too, so I can get the most for my money while trying to still share with you my fashion sense.

For makeup and such I always look at Ulta & Sephora but sometimes the items are I want are to pricey so I go the App Poshmark which has clothes makeup you name it on there at a reasonable price sometimes used which I don’t get but read the description!!! But honestly even designer clothing is on there for half the cost and helps when your trying to keep up with the fashion! For the rest of my clothes Tjmaxx is where I do a lot of my clothes & home shopping. Everytime I go I find designer or look a like items that are way more at a department store like Nordstrom… Now me saying that… I LOVE LOVE Nordy’s (as I call it) no complaints definitely worth every penny but sometimes with my daily life and bills since I do rent at the Phenix Suites & do hair I have a lot I have to pay for. (Just being honest) But when I can go there┬ábelieve me I am there in a heartbeat! I am really happy they made Nordstrom Rack so I don’t feel as bad (As I try to convince myself) To wrap this up if you are a new blogger or a girl who just wants to keep up with fashion remember you don’t always have to spend so much to look fabulous! If you have a question please comment or DM me on Instagram!

Happy Friday!!!!!

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