Sleepless Nights




I wanted to post this due to my experience with sleep. I tend to not sleep very much I think I have insomnia or “racing brain” It is very hard when I have such a busy schedule or many things I have on my To Do list that overwhelm me before I go to sleep. I figured out a few things that work for me and others that don’t. I would definitely say, turning your phone before bed is key. Everyone knows me though I am on my phone looking for my next blog post or responding to my Instagram. As you know I also have my own business as a hair stylist & work at a medspa so I have a lot on my plate when I come home and responsibility. Here are also a few tips for what I do. I bought this tea to help me that I drink an hour before I go to sleep to relax my mind the best I can. It honestly helps but doesn’t fix it. Sometimes I’ll make a point at night to draw me a nice hot bath with my lavender bubble bath and bath salts I have a nice warm cup next to me while I just relax and listen to my Spotify on shuffle to Frank Sinatra. When I am finally ready for bed, I get my eye mask and my melatonin drink half of a cup of water (not to much or you’ll wake up in the middle of the night!!! YES I have tested this) Then I just relax my mind some more with going on now don’t laugh at me I am a pinterestholic!!!! I search for 20 mins for things I need like organizing tips, blogging posts, fashion ect My boyfriend has to watch tv to fall asleep and I don’t so it takes me a bit to fall asleep every night which can get frustrating at times when I can’t get my pillow just right. When I do wake up in the middle night from my racing brain I grab my planner or write down what is making my mind race so I can remember for the next day. To find out more about that check out my post before this to find out what I do. If you have serious issues with sleeping please consult a doctor I am not a professional just talking about my experience and what tends to work for me. Finding something that works for you will take time and a lot of sleepless nights, but don’t give up keep trying to find stuff that help you. This part is not a something that helps, but sleepwear that is comfortable really makes a difference for me like this one & this one. In closing if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment I love feedback!



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