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I love absolutely love designing new things for our home. As some of you know we are renting our first house in Huntington Beach, California but before we could move in it had to be remodeled due to the renters before had destroyed the house! The owners let us decide what we wanted the house to look like inside and out which is amazing only down fall they didn’t pay for everything… We pay a few low cost to live in this house and for the area they pay 3 times the amount we pay. I’ll stop rambling now. I went on a mission to look for some decor items I want to purchase for our living room since I haven’t done anything with this area.  All these decor items are location below !

Large Silver Collapsible Metal Decorative Sphere $12.99 – Decorating with certain pieces like this really bring fun creativity to your living space which if you like to host like we do then you know your living room is where everyone will want to sit and relax.

The Little Book Of Chanel $16.95 – I love these fun designer books that are nice to have on your table for decorations. I know there are many different kinds out there just have to look for them & some are more then others!

Baies Scented Candle $34.00 – $64 – I love love candles! let me tell you! I just love all the different scents and how it can really make what ever you room you have come to life. So many scents for any occasion hence why I love this brand! High Quaintly and last awhile!

Granite SM08 Mist Shades Rug $12.00 & UP (Depending on size) – Rugs are the most fun to get but hard to find that fit your type of living room or lay out you have. I really have look at so many stores ect… Then i came across RugsUSA and found so many options and prices for any price range or size.

Large White Cactus Flower Wall Decor $34.99 – I love fun wall art for different rooms! I always find those hard to find pieces at Hobby Lobby or AtHome. I always walk around and find all those awesome pieces for my walls.

Harper Blvd Adelie Mirrored Coffee/ Cocktail Table $251.99 – I know the top of this post it said affordable decor, but from experience don’t buy cheap coffee tables they all fall apart and look super cheap. Then you have to end up spending more money on the one you wanted in the first place. I know what it’s like to be on a budget but want what you want so if you can’t buy new, look for used or DIY with a used dresser and just look up idea on Pinterest.

Oversized Banana Leaf Throw Pillow $24.00 – Lately banana leaf print has been ideal for spring/summer clothing looks and housing decor! I think this look is so fun and refreshing and brings life to any room! Target definitely had plenty from me to choose from!

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