Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

I will begin this by saying I am not a professional and just someone who has been through a lot with my face so please talk to your Dermatologist before using these products to make sure they work best for you! I would hate for something not to work for your skin type. I go to Newport Beach Medspa (which I linked) for all my skin needs and to very honest ( No I am not getting paid to say this) I love how they care about your needs and wants and help you achieve that. If you live in Orange County I would highly recommend coming here and also seeing what other services they carry like Coolsculpting. I have struggled with ache and scars for years now and when I hit 25 my acne started to go away but now I am with dull skin and scars that are easy to see. I have a few tips I wanted to share with you so you can better take care of your skin and possibly not go through the long process I have been through. I am still learning new things to use for my delicate face, but when I find something that really works, just know I will share it with you. I know and understand what it’s like to not want photos taken of you or to feel like the ugly duckling. Please read along and please share your comments with me I would love to hear from you all!

#1 Obagi Foaming Gel : My face is very difficult and gets used to face cleaners every 4-6 weeks it can get rather annoying and frustrating. I bought this at the Newport Beach Medspa I referred above. If you are not from Orange County a lot of other Medspa’s or Demonologist carry this just call and ask. This product works great with getting all the oils, dirt & makeup off your face no complaints here defiantly worth the price they do have bigger kits that come with a lot more.

#2 PMD Mircodermabrasion : I am a licensed Cosmetologist so I will say this I have used the ones you use and have applied this treatment to myself and other clients faces before so if you really don’t read the directions and want to rush this product isn’t for you. I would say 18 years or older with out adult! Again I am not a professional just from personal experience. This does help with acne scars and has major suction and can damage your skin if you don’t do it right! Besides that I love this and see a difference it does bring out more dirt from your pores that are deep in there so I did experience some breakouts. I have used this ever 4 weeks on my face then apply a mask which I will list below my favorite one!

#3 Glam Glow ThirstyMud : I was so nervous to buy this product due to the price and decided to go to Sephora and get a sample to see how my face would react before investing and I LOVE IT! My face was so soft, even after one treatment it felt like a baby’s butt, no joke. I highly recommend all their products! I also use this one for when I have breakouts and its amazing!

#4 Origin’s Active Charcoal Mask : This is another one of my favorite masks for major breakouts and I have used this for years! I just like to rotate my products due to my face getting used to certain ingredients and not working to the fullest effect. If you are on a budget I would say buy Origin’s over Glam Glow but they are equally as good and love them both !

#5 Kiehl’s Line Reducing Eye Brightening Cream : I have dark circles under my eyes that make me look super tired or I got punched in the eyes which is not ok! I have been searching for a really good wrinkle reducing and eye brightening cream so I can also prevent wrinkles all in one! Which I heard about this from one of my other favorite bloggers, Emily Gemma and decided to try it! It works amazing and no complaints except I don’t like what it feels like on my face leaves my face feeling a little greasy that’s the only thing.

#6 Trader Joe’s Face Wash with Tea Tree : I linked Amazon website just in case you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you! I use this face wash in between number #1 that I listed above. When my face starts to break out more I grab this refreshing face wash to help get my face back to normal. It does have a weird odor but that’s just the tea tree. This is really good products for oily skin, & combination skin.

#7 Clinique All About Eyes : Been using this eye cream for a long time and really love the hydration it gives to under my eyes, especially when I travel this just brings my eyes back to life and doesn’t leave a greasy residue and leaves you feeling and looking refreshed!

#8 Cetaphil Daily Face Moisturizer : Every day it is very important to use moisturizer and for the longest time I couldn’t until I found this that doesn’t break me out! So many products and money down the drain! I love that this has SPF 50 so perfect for when you go out and not having to add more products to your face it’s all in one. I let it dry a little before starting my makeup application. You can find this at most of your local market and drug stores at a reasonable price!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!




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