It’s Almost Swimsuit Season

The one season we are so excited for but nervous to get into the dressing room and try one is almost here! I love different bathing suits for different occasion for example if I am going to be with family members or just friends at the river I want to have the options of changing if need be. I am really liking all these new styles that are out right now. This post I grabbed a few from Everything But Water site. They have been around for a really long time & get together with other great designers and sell them in their store like (Vitamin A, Vix, & L*Space) I am not working with them at all I just love what they sell. When I am buying my bathing suits I like to see what ones I can make into a outfit like the one piece I can put a cute skirt with it and be ready to go to dinner or go grab a glass of wine. Also I am curvy I have a bigger bottom then top so I always shop for my body type and Everything But Water really helps you find the perfect fit. Quick story I am so picky on the colors I get I had a bathing suit I thought looked amazing on me but when someone took a photo of me from a far OMGEEE I looked like a whale cause the color it was on my skin tone so just ask questions when buying and be honest with yourself. I also Tan before the summer comes just to get a nice golden base coat. Just Click on the photo to be connected to Everything But Water’s Website!  I hope you all had a great Monday! Kyle and I are about to go relax in bed and watch our favorite TV shows. We have been working had the last couple weeks so when it’s night time its our time to just get off our phones and social media and relax so on that note I am off to bed!!


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